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PAC Reminds Homeowners on What to Check Before Going on Vacation


The vacation season will always be fun and exciting, but homeowners need to ensure that their home will be free from plumbing catastrophes while they are gone. In view of this, the Plumbers’ Association of California has reminded homeowners to be well-prepared for their vacation in all aspects.

“It is not just what they will bring outside their home with them while on vacation, but also what they should do before leaving so that plumbing emergencies will not happen while they are away,” says Benjamin Foster, Executive Director of the PAC. Foster explains, a lot of plumbing emergencies take place while the homeowners are away, and what is equally devastating about all these is that plumbing emergencies can cause indoor flooding which is also very damaging to the home and its fixtures. “It could also jeopardize insurance claims because the homeowner should be responsible about the plumbing system and everything they will leave temporarily leave behind. If such safety measures have not been carried out prior to leaving, then it can affect a claim,” says Foster.

During the winter season for instance, Foster said most homeowners decide to scrimp and lower their temperature further since no one will be needing heat at home. Unbeknownst to them the piping and other plumbing fixtures inside the house, especially in the kitchen and the bathrooms can freeze, leak and then possibly burst while they are away. “That would be very problematic especially for homes that may not have an alarm of some sort that would alert the homeowner of the brewing trouble in his place,” Foster enthuses. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association

The website Popular Mechanics also shared several tips for homeowners who are about to leave on vacation. One of the things that should be checked according to their blog post is the sump pump. “Another type of water—rainwater—can also be a nightmare. If your sump pump fails while you're gone and a major storm comes around, you could return to a flooded basement.

So make sure the sump pump is working before you leave town.” The rest of the article can be found here

For those who may be leaving for quite a longer period especially during the winter, Angie’s List has a helpful tip. In one of its blogposts on winterizing a vacation home, it mentioned ensuring to shut off valves so that there will be no surprises upon return. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

“Shut off the water at the main shut off valve in your house. The last thing you want to come back to next spring is a flooded home from a leaky or burst pipe. It is a good idea to open up all your faucets and drain your toilets of water — also keep the faucets open to prevent pressure buildup from the little bit of water that remains in your pipes. This will help prevent a burst pipe as the water expands with changing temperatures.” The full article has been posted here


The PAC says for those who are unsure as to how to winterize a home prior to leaving for a longer period of time, the best solution is to seeking the help of a plumbing professional. “It is better to seek the help of a licensed plumber to prevent a home catastrophe than hire one when all hell has broken loose. The extra cost will be worth the possible trouble and expenses that can be brought about by a plumbing fiasco. Besides, no one would like to cut a vacation short because of a plumbing emergency back home,” adds Foster.

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